Editing & writing
Since 2015, I’ve been the managing editor of both the Dutch and the English version of Period!, an online magazine about menstruation. I research, translate, edit guest posts and write about everything from the menstrual cup hype to the difference between period and implantation cramps.

Interviewing & writing
Since 2015, I’ve been writing FLYER magazine’s First Solo series, interviewing pilots such as moon walker Buzz Aldrin or jet pack inventor Yves Rossy. I also write their I Get Paid For This series, about pilots with interesting aviation careers like chasing hurricanes or doing wildlife surveys.

Making magazines & writing
Enjoy the Algarve. That isn’t just something I do every day, it’s also the title of my own online monthly magazine about the south of Portugal. With a mix of stylish photography and fascinating features, Enjoy the Algarve has taken readers on a trip through one of Europe’s most stunning destinations from June 2015 to August 2018.

Writing in Dutch
As I’m Dutch, I also write in Dutch. My articles have been published in travel, foodie, animal, snowboarding and lots of other magazines, both in print and online.  

More writing
Basically, whenever I do cool stuff, like horse riding in Iceland, pole dancing in the UK, spending a day with aerobatic champion Mike Goulian in the USA or taking my baby backpacking through Vietnam, I write about it.

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