892297_10151323764367680_676520464_oHi! I’m Yayeri, journalist, writer and owner/editor of Enjoy the Algarve. That’s the world’s best online magazine about the south of Portugal. Then again, I’m biased. Better look for yourself and visit the latest issue. It’s free.

A Bachelor of Journalism degree in the Netherlands followed by an internship in the UK makes me basically bilingual. Previous work experience includes a job as editorial assistant at Cornwall Today and a position as features editor at LOOP magazine, as well as freelance writing for various magazines.

Apart from making magazines, I specialise in lifestyle and human interest stories. No matter the subject – be it pole dancing or Krav Maga- I’m eager to jump in and participate in order to gain a better understanding of the topic. This open attitude makes for better articles and for stories that people will enjoy reading.

Have a look for yourself. either in printonline or written in Dutch. My articles have been published in Recrajob, Taste, Me & My Dog, Verzamelen, Volzin, InFlight USA, FLYER, ESpanje!, www.seizoenwerk.nl, www.period.nl, www.period.media and of course in Cornwall Today, LOOP and Enjoy the Algarve.